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Thanks for visiting this little online home of mine. My name is Alexis Hudgens and if you can't tell by my blog content, education was my first love. No really...before husband and our baby girl came along, at five years old I fell in love with education. I loved to play school in the summer and all I ever wanted to do was teach. I was never the girl who changed majors in college and unlike many others, student teaching didn't scare me away. I found teacher blogs in my second year of college and was amazed by the resources and ideas that I could find just by reading other teachers experiences. I would dare say that I learned just as much about running a classroom from blogs than I did my actual courses! My point is, I fell in love with this online community of teachers that spans all over the world and little did I know one day I would be a part of that community. My hope through this blog is that you find genuine ideas and resources shared from my classroom to yours and that you feel you have found a friend. The kind of friend who teaches down the hall and shares everything with you. The kind of friend who's door is always open for questions. I hope that here you find that love of education that we as teachers all share deep down inside.

Now for a little about me. I am a southern girl born and raised that loves coffee on the front porch, trips to the beach, and cozying up with a good book. My first love is Christ who has carried me through some of life's biggest storms. My faith is the anchor that holds me together. My second love is my husband who I call my preschool sweetheart. We carpooled to preschool together, he told me he would marry me at 12, we got together after high school, and the rest is history. We have been married 3 years and have a little girl on the way! Which brings me to my third love. The little girl I have never met. We were told pregnancy would be a difficult road for us and maybe impossible so when we got pregnant after two weeks of trying we knew this little girl was nothing short of a miracle. Every day I thank God for trusting us to be her parents and giving us the blessing of her life!
We can't wait to meet baby Miléna in October 2017.

My journey in education started at Dallas Baptist University (Go Patriots), where I graduated with a B.S in Elementary Education and continued on to get my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. I taught kindergarten and second grade for three years at a Title 1 school in the metroplex where I learned SO much! I then moved to a very affluent area and taught Kindergarten in that district for two years. I am passionate about teaching reading, writing, and classroom management in the K-2 areas.

If you stuck around to the end, thank you again for visiting and please comment or shoot me an e-mail so we can get to know each other in this amazing community of teachers!

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