Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Classroom Setup 2015

It's that time of year! 
Teachers everywhere are running to the Target dollar section, making strange trips to home depot, and getting lectured from our husbands for the money we are pouring into our classrooms. 

I have been spending all my time lately in my new classroom doing some classroom set up, and I wanted to share some tips for setting up your classroom for the school year. 
I will preface this post by saying I am in a brand new building and my classroom is not even close to being finished yet so the photos you will see are of my unfinished classroom. 
Tip number one is layer your borders. 

 I got my bordette from Lakeshore, but Mardels and other teacher supply stores will have it in stock this time of year! When I settled on my color scheme, I laid out my borders and stapled them all three together in several different places. After I stapled the three borders together I stapled or hot glued them to my surface. After I got them up, I decided I didn't like the green and took it down and traded it for brown and love the way it turned out!

 Tip number two is using flat sheets for wall covering.

 When I walked into my new classroom and saw this huge wall of bulletin board, I was a bit intimidated. A teacher down the hall told me she had used king size flat sheets to cover her walls and the light bulb went off! Thank goodness for teachers sharing ideas right? I got my flat sheets at Walmart for around $14 a piece and wrestled this wall for a full day. I stapled them right in to the wall, and used border to cover seams. There may have been blood sweat and tears in the process, but isn't it pretty? Who am I kidding....I bled, I sweat, and I almost cried. The associate superintendent may or may not have walked in as I was dangling from my tippy toes off my filing cabinet stapling my sheets to the wall. 
I love how it turned out and I plan to use these areas for student work display and reading strategies behind my teacher table. 

 Tip number three is using party decor for table numbers.

 I love when you walk into a classroom and there are things hanging from the ceiling. It just adds such depth to the space, and can really bring together your color scheme or theme. I went to Five Below and got my table lanterns for $2 a piece, and found the extra yellow pieces at party city for a great price. I hung the lanterns using ribbons and paperclips to attach them to the ceiling. I plan to glue my table numbers right on to the lanterns! 

Tip number four is GO TO IKEA!

 If you don't have an IKEA near you, don't panic! You can order online and have things sent right to your door. I have an IKEA about 20 minutes from me, so my friend Sarah from Yeehaw Teaching in Texas and I took a trip together to get a few things we needed for the classroom! Some things I found and loved included book boxes, table crates, and inexpensive classroom lamps. IKEA book boxes come in packages of five for just $2.00. They will most likely only last a year, but I only spent .40 cents per student so I don't mind! They also have floor lamps for under $10, small colorful tables for $7.99, and classroom rugs for great prices. I could literally shop there all day and probably buy a cart full of things for my classroom! 

Tip number five is no sew curtains.

Ok this is the part where my mother would probably cringe so Mom if you are reading please skip over this part! 

I knew I wanted to cover all the junk on my bookshelves in a cute polka dot fabric to match my color scheme, but the problem is I don't sew. I tried my hand at it once and just got bored. So when it came to curtains for my room, I took out my scissors and my stapler and went to work. Yes you heard me...no measuring tape....no needle and thread....and no hot glue gun. 

I started by holding the fabric up to my shelves to get the length. I cut them to the length that I needed, and then made about a 2 inch fold at the top. When I made the fold, I used my stapler to staple all the way down the fold. I ran a $4.00 tension rod through the fold and it was done! It took me maybe ten minutes! 

I followed the same process for my window treatments and I love how they add simple touch to my desk area.

Those are my tips for classroom set up and I can't wait for my room to be done! What are your favorite tips and tricks for setting up your classroom? 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Is it really JULY?! 
I feel like I just got out of school a week ago! This summer is fast and furious and my brain has already started thinking about Meet the Teacher and the first week of school....  I know.. but I can't help it! 
I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her July link up!

I am currently listening to Kelly and Michael because I love my morning shows in the summer. I am loving my lazy mornings. I love being able to take my time and not get ready if I don't want to. It seems like almost every day this summer I have had something going on, but my mornings are lazy and I love it. 
I am thinking about my never ending to do list. Grad school, laundry, school prep, classroom prep, TPT store building, it goes on and on. There is always something to do and be done so I am trying to tell myself to just live in the moment this summer and relax!
I am wanting (dying..cough cough) to get in my classroom. I am so blessed to be moving into a new building and the set move in date is in two weeks. I am itching to get in and get all my boxes unpacked and see what I am working with.
I am needing to prep for VEGAS! That's right you heard me. I remember putting it on my May currently that I was dreaming about going to Vegas and my sweet hubby made it happen. I need to print my handouts, get business cards printed at Staples, pick out my outfits, and all of the above! I am SO excited but a little nervous too. I still feel like such a newbie to blogging and TPT and it can be so intimidating to go to the TPT conference with all the veterans! I am nervous and intimidated, but so happy to be going with Sarah from Yeehaw Teaching in Texas who is my new teaching/blogging bestie. She is making the whole trip a lot less scary! 
It took me forever to come up with something that I am an All Star at, because I don't know that I am really an All Star at anything! I chose friend though because I can be your best friend in about 10 minutes. I love to hang out, give advice, be a listening ear, and be an encouragement to just about anybody and everybody. So if you wanna be friends then hit me up! :)
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