Monday, June 29, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge

Hey there! 
Y'al it is the end of June....I cannot believe it is the end of June already! I had so much printing, laminating, and cutting that I wanted to get done this summer and I have done none of it. Grad school consumes my life these days so I guess I have an excuse right?!
I have joined up with the ladies below for the amazing TPT Seller Challenge going on this summer. 
 This challenge has been great and has kept me motivated to really work on building my store this summer! The second challenge was Dare to Dream and although I am a little late in posting, I figure better late than never right!? 
So here it is! 
My husband and I are going on year two in an apartment and I just now started getting the itch to get our own place! I would love for TPT to help us save more towards our first home! 
We also love to travel and have been blessed to take several trips since we got married, but never out of the country. The mister has been to several places in Europe, but I have never been and I am dying to go. I would love for TPT to cover the cost of an amazing trip like that. A girl can dream right? 
Lastly, I am a huge giver and my parents raised me to give to those in need. I would love to host an amazing give back campaign through TPT to help a school or family in need!
I love that TPT has the potential to be so much for so many people, and although right now as a newbie these dreams seem out of reach I know if I continue to put in the hard work it will pay off in the end! 
Stay tuned for the third part of this amazing challenge! 

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  1. Such great goals! I hope you're able to accomplish them soon. I, too, want to buy a home. Here's hoping!!!! :-)

    Beckie Black -->