Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sweet Summer Time

Hey there! 
I have not been to this little blog of mine in awhile because I was in that teacher recovery coma that we go into when school gets out. I don't know about you, but I could have comad (not a word) for a week if I didn't have adult obligations. Ok by adult obligations I mean an amazing trip to the beach for my anniversary...... :)
Our trip has been INCREDIBLE, but it had a hilarious rocky start that I just have to share because who doesn't love a good story.
The husband and I got to the airport early and were all checked in waiting at our gate when we realized they moved our gate. We took off running, bags in tow, and when we arrived at the correct gate we sat for about 45 minutes waiting to board. Something about the plane was late or something or another. When we finally board the plane, husband and I take our seats and I notice a sweet little toddler coming down the aisle with his family. "Oh how cute look how sweet" I say to myself......then the toddler and his father climb into the seats in the row next to mine. I told myself it was fine, the kid has an I-pad with Frozen playing what could go wrong....dum dum dum.
About an hour later we are still sitting in the plane because we needed fuel and nobody had come to fuel us up. The toddler to my right started getting agitated about 30 minutes in and started screaming "get me off this HAIRPLANE!" The child screamed the entire 3 hour plane ride things like, "GET ME OUT OF HERE" "I don't like the hairplane!" and I had this ever growing migraine that started to furrow my brows. The child even threw up at one point because he was so agitated and I think his father got a good nap.  And just as I was about to loose my ever living mind,  my sweet husband passes me a note that says "I promise our trip will get better!" and that is why I love him folks. He is ALWAYS finding the good in the situation. 
Here are a few highlights from the trip! I left my good camera at home so these are I-phone pics.

Needless to say, it has been an incredible trip. I have not done much creating at all since I have been relaxing on the beach, but I did join in with the ladies for the TPT Seller Challenge! I am so excited to meet new sellers, build my store, and challenge myself this summer. The challenge started with Makeover Madness where you makeover one of your products. 

I will be making over several of my products because I am so new to the TPT world that my first few products I made need some love. I have learned so much since starting so I will be making over lots of things this week! Here is my first makeover. 

I updated the cover and fonts of my UPSC Problem Solving Posters. UPSC was a method I learned in my old school district and it teaches students to stop when they get to a problem and Understand, Plan, Solve, and Check. These posters serve as a reminder on what to do for each step!
Like I said I will be doing lots of making over this week so stay tuned. To see the rest of the link ups, head over to Teach Create Motivate or the rest of the ladies who put on this fabulous challenge. 

Thanks for reading! 
 The first person to comment on this post will receive my problem solving posters for free!


  1. Vacations are always needed after the school year is over! I love the word comad! I could have done that as well. I've been off for only a week now and instead have gotten a lot of house things done. Of course the end of the year that all goes to the side ;) Love the makeover for your product!

    Elementary Times

    1. Hey Emily! You were the first to comment so leave your e-mail with me and I will send the problem solving posters your way!


  2. I just realized that part of this challenge was to comment on the two who post before me! Sorry I didn't do that right away! I like the changes you made. The yellow catches your eye better than the purple and you can never go wrong to put a Melonheadz on your covers! Nice work!
    Second In Line

  3. I am so glad to hear your trip turned out fabulous after a rocky start! Vacations are a much needed time to rejuvenate! Your product makeover looks awesome! Great job! -Jaime

  4. I'm always somewhat comatose at the end of the year. I tend to hibernate for about two weeks. My kids want to go do stuff, and I just want to veg in my pj's!