Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Design

Hey there! 
Do you notice anything different?.....And I'm not talking about the bags under my eyes from my lack of sleep. Look at this pretty little blog of mine!? Isn't it fabulous? 
When Gabby over at Gabby's Classrooms announced with Miss Kindergarten that they were giving away a brand new blog design I knew I had to enter. Now I never win anything... Really. When I was a kid and you had to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar I was always way off. I never win the prize drawings, and I don't buy raffle tickets because I know it is useless. But when I saw Gabby's designs I just couldn't resist entering this giveaway! She is amazing and every blog design in her portfolio was one that I would proudly show off. I even filled out her design sheet because I was planning to purchase a blog design when I DIDN'T win the giveaway.
Well low and behold... I got the e-mail from Gabby saying I HAD WON. My jaw dropped from shock! Gabby was wonderful to work with the entire way and answered every question and tweaked every request that I made. If you cannot tell by my endless ranting... She is wonderful. And I am forever grateful for this new blog design of mine!

Well I have no new classroom pictures because let's get real..we have 11 days of school left. We are doing lots of learning and reviewing, but I do not have time to take pictures of said learning and reviewing. Why not you ask? Because us teachers, we all have that never ending to do list this time of year. We get that never ending stream of e-mails that tell us those due dates that usually say something is due tomorrow. That something is usually data that needs to be input in five different places for no apparent reason. If it's not data then it is some online training that will do us no good this time of the year because we will forget what we learned in the training by the time August rolls around. If we are not reading those e-mails or entering that data or doing those trainings, we are planning those end of the year award ceremonies and putting together end of the year gifts.
So no pictures. Please forgive me.

I have Amy Lemons Ready to be a Big Kid books printed and ready for next week. They are a great way to review second grade math, reading, and writing skills before the kids move on to third grade! Click on the picture to see this product in her store! 

We will also be working on End of the Year Memory Books next week. I bought this one pictured below from Clever Classroom and you can click the picture to be taken to her store. I love that I can pick and choose which pages I want my kids to fill out and it works for grades K-2 easily. 
To celebrate my new blog design, I am going to do a giveaway! This is my first Rafflecopter giveaway so bare with me. 

I am giving away my newest product to one lucky winner! I have created a fun Summer Countdown Activity Pack that includes Bubbles day, ice cream day, bubble gum day, lemonade day, and more! Enter by using the Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
Good luck and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Currently

Hey there! 
I had this blog post typed up last night and around 10 my computer shut off and I lost all motivation and went to bed. You win some you loose some. So here we go again.
I am linking up, better late than never, with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the May currently link up.

Listening: 19 Kids and Counting might sound cheesy, but I seriously love their family! I am so amused by the way they feed and clothe and nurture 19 human beings and do it with grace and patience and poise. Let's be real if I had to take my 19 students home every day I would not be so gracious! 
Loving: Planning for my move back to Kinder! Yep you heard me.... I recently took a position in a new district for Kindergarten and I am beyond excited! I have been pinning away with new Kinder ideas, filling my TPT cart with Kinder products, and looking at School Girl Style
for inspiration. I love all her new themes, but I just can't get over her woodland animals theme! My mentor teacher used this theme for her new Kinder classroom this year and Casey if you are reading this I just want to be just like you! :)

Thinking: Grad school....oh the joy of grad school. I should be working on all my final projects, but I am the world's best procrastinator. So those pesky projects will wait. 
Wanting: If a massage was gifted to me for Teacher Appreciation week I might just cry. This teacher is teacher tired and I just want to relax! A girl can dream. 
Needing: Extra sleep...that is all. 
Summer yes: We are going to Rosemary Beach in about a month! I cannot wait for time on the sand with my hubby! Hope: I am hoping to fill my TPT store this summer with some great products. Dream: I am dreaming of going to the TPT conference in Vegas, but that is a long shot this summer. 

That is my May Currently!  Here is what we have been up to in the classroom.

Last week we hosted our Living Wax Museum. The kids have been hard at work on their research and their presentations. They conducted research, wrote a small report,  put together a display, and then finally wore a costume and presented on the big day! All of the second grade parents came to watch, and we even had some visits from Kindergarten and First grade students. 
I loved this project because so many skills were taught. Students learned about research, historical figures from the past, and how to give a presentation. I was so proud of the students who are often shy and withdrawn but still memorized their lines and got into character! Look at that Martin Luther King Jr. is he not precious with his podium and microphone!?

We have also been doing LOTS of review during our math time. Instead of introducing new facts each week, we are reviewing the facts we have already learned through my Fact Fluency pack. 
Click the picture to see this unit which is on sale for the big Teacher Appreciation sale! 

Instead of having the students just color in the graph as they add or subtract, I have them write the fact every time they spin so that they really start to put those facts to memory. My students LOVE their fact fluency spins and honestly never get tired of them. We spend about 15 minutes each day on these. 

We also dove in heard first this week with Text Evidence. My students were so engaged when I talked about being text detectives, and during our science time one of my little sweeties said, "Mrs. Hudgens should I show text evidence for this?".....Yes honey. Yes you should. 

 After our anchor chart, we read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon. I had students come up and roll this comprehension dice and ask me questions about the read aloud. I modeled answering by finding my answers in the text and using text evidence. I used small yellow post-its to highlight my text evidence in the book and reminded students of the sentence starters on the anchor chart. "I know that Camilla was feeling worried because page 3 said she was afraid to go to school." 

Today we used Miss Decarbo's Text Evidence reading passages which I puffy heart love. Click on the picture to get these passages for yourself!

While answering their questions, I heard my students saying "I know because...." or "The author said....". My little teacher heart was so happy! 

On the management side of things, we started using my Secret Student behavior incentive last week. Honestly, I wish I would have used it all year! I choose a "Secret Student" at the beginning of the day and write their name on the slip. I fold it up and tape the slip to the board for students to reference all day. All I have to do is say "Oh I am loving how my secret student is following directions today" and all the students instantly straighten up. At the end of the day we give a big drum roll and I announce the secret student. If they were on green that day they choose from my coupon binder some type of reward. If the student was not on green or had a poor behavior day, I just say that I cannot announce the secret student for the day because they made poor choices. If you want to check out these classroom management techniques, click the pictures below to get them at an AMAZING price during the TPT sale.   

Last but not least, the Mister and I went to a community event for my new school last weekend and I loved meeting all the new families and coworkers! The school is still being built so we didn't get to see inside, but just seeing the school made me giddy. It was such a God situation and I felt so blessed to know that the Lord is always planning and preparing on our behalf. 

 I am going to try and get some of that extra sleep I talked about earlier, but thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for my new blog design that will be debuting soon!