Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Is Here

Oh my goodness! It has been too long, but I am so glad to be back to this little blog of mine!
 I have been knee deep in my Masters courses and those lengthy papers have me so busy. However, I am learning so much and reading some great books about teaching students who lack motivation. This book "The Motivated Student" by Bob Sullo has been life changing! You should definitely add it to the summer reading list and get your highlighter ready because there are some amazing quotes in there.

Now for what we have been up to in Second grade! We started poetry last week and we have been having so much fun with it. We made these Alliterainbows by Teacher's Clubhouse and you can click the link to get them on Teachers Pay Teachers. This activity got my kids so excited about alliteration!

 The next day we watched a Brain Pop jr. about Similie's and made Similie Sandwiches! They wrote a comparison on each part of the sandwich using like or as and some of the comparisons were hilarious. I loved how their sandwiches turned out!
I also made this fun little anchor chart talking about the rhyme, rhythm, and repetition of poetry! We read lots of poems and found the three R's within them.
Since I blogged last, we have been SO busy in math. We had so much fun with 2D and 3D shapes and the kids use this anchor chart as a reference all the time! This was of course inspired by the Amy Lemons of Step Into Second Grade. She is Fabulous with a capital F!
We have also looked at verbs with this fun little verb chant by Amy and we studied measurement using Brain pop and by measuring our body parts!

As you can see we have been so busy and we are entering the last six weeks very soon! I can hardly believe that this year has come and gone just like that. It is time to finish strong and prepare my kiddos for third grade! I have so many more fun activities to blog about, but I will save some for the Five for Friday link up tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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