Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week Four Recap

Hey there! 
I have been MIA all week and I don't think I have even looked at my little blog since last Friday. I feel a little guilty but then I remember the molding and shaping of minds that has been happening for eight hours a day for the last five days. That is hard work yall! I think week four was probably the hardest since school started, but I am so thankful for the blogging and Instagram world of teachers that I joined this summer. On those nights when you come home in tears for whatever reason or whatever went wrong that day, I would open up my computer or my Instagram account and find hundreds of teachers posting inspiring quotes and new ideas. I am so thankful to have joined this world of positivity! This blog, making new products, and finding new friends in this blogging world are pushing me to the best teacher that I can for my 19 little 7 years olds. 

With all that said, let's do a little Five for Friday simply because I love linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching every week! 

I got this super sweet feedback on TPT from someone who bought my problem solving posters. It really made my day because getting started on Teachers Pay Teachers can be tough business! Whoever Erica H. is, thank you so much for purchasing and leaving sweet feedback! 

We continued with our Math stations and Daily 5 rotations this week and wow they are doing well! Most of my students love working with others and really thrive in the group setting. This week we used Amy Lemons Playing Around with Place Value Pack, Ashley Schroeder's Back to School ELA workout, and Cara Carroll's Delighted about Digraphs. We were working on ch, wh, and ph words this week so Cara's little activities were perfect in my word work center. I also love seeing my students in the read to self center staying busy the whole time! We are going to talk this week about picking just right books so that I can make sure they are picking books correctly during this time! 

We did a fun little activity for studying Changes in Heat for science this week. Thankfully my team has some great science activities that they have used in the past and the kids LOVED this. We talked about the crayons being in a solid state of matter and then turning into liquid by applying heat. The kids squealed and screamed and it was all kinds of fun. 

We have been using my Fact Fluency Pack for learning our +3's and I loved that when I showed the kids they were ALL excited. I am learning that in second grade it is really hard to get EVERY kid excited about something. Some things are just no fun to learn, and I am really trying to make it fun for them! 

And lastly, this happened this week.....

Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade started following little old me on Instagram. I will never forget looking for a lesson on alliteration during a college course and stumbling across Cara's blog. I was mesmerized by her teaching methods and creativity. I used tons of her lessons and activities for projects in college and during my student teaching. She inspired me to be creative with teaching and most of all to make it fun. She has been a HUGE inspiration for me, and she probably has no idea how much this follow meant to me! Thank you Cara! 

That is my week in a nutshell and now I am going to spend some time with my hubby who leaves for a VERY long work trip this week. 

He is going to do some work over seas and I know this is totally sappy but I might cry when he leaves! We haven't been apart from each other for this long since we got married and that whole staying home alone for 17 days is going to just about kill me. I'm working on that "let's get a dog because I need company" thing. I'll let you know how that goes! Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Hey Alexis, I came across your blog from Doodle Bugs Teaching linky! I really enjoyed reading your five for this week. Your kiddos are super lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. I love how excited you are that Cara is following you. I admire her too and would be super elated if she started following my instagram!
    P.S. You have a super cute blog… gotta love Megan!

    1. Thanks so much for the love! I am headed your way to follow your adorable blog!