Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Blog Design goodness.... Notice anything new? I waited long and hard to splurge on my blog design, and when I found Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs I just knew it was time! She offers a build your blog option that only takes two or three days and it is VERY customizable. I loved getting to pick out my colors, header design, and fonts! She is a dream to work with and you should definitely check her out. I love my new button, header, signature, and of course my social media buttons that link directly to all my sites! I love the finished product and I hope you do too!

We have been working so hard in second grade! My kiddos are still adjusting to the time constraints and the constant working in the morning. They are still asking around 9:00 when recess is, but they are getting better about time management. Yay for gains! Anyone agree that as teachers we have to look at small gains? Here is what we are working on this week...

 We have been using Amy Lemons Learning Our Addition Strategies Unit this week to focus on basic addition to 20. Today we listened to the Doubles Rap, glued Amy's Double up anchor chart into our math journals, and then made a doubles dude and recorded some doubles facts on his body. The kids thought he was hilarious and I kept having to remind them to put him away throughout the day! 

I have been taking it slow with rotations, and we have been focusing on a different part of Daily 5 each day. We started with Read to Self, then Read to Someone, and today we practiced some Word Work rotations. We have been working on ABC order and punctuation and capitalization of a sentence. I used Ashley Schroeder's Back to School ELA activities and the kids REALLY loved them! I am not just saying that. Several of them asked if we were doing stations again after lunch! 

Our spelling rule of the week is the Silent e rule so I also threw in my  Silent E sorts and loved seeing my kids using something that I made! 

After enrichment, we had a visit from the Desk Fairy who was having a hard day and her face just lit up like a Christmas tree. The kids ran over to me saying " She came she came!". They all wanted to touch the glitter that she left behind, and I love watching the ones who doubt the desk fairy get more and more curious. One of my students who keeps a very messy desk started pulling everything out and organizing it on the spot! This is an amazing classroom management tool and the kids really love it.

We are having lots of fun in second grade and tomorrow is not only assessment day but Friday! Jeans day can I get an Amen? Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I'm really trying to focus on those little gains in my first grade classroom - what looks little to me might be huge for them so even when we've had a rough day I try to remind myself how far we've come since the first day. And I LOVE your new blog design, it's giving me the urge to splurge on one of my own!

    Paiges of Learning