Saturday, September 13, 2014

Five for Friday and a new product!

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This week was another whirlwind and I needed way too many large Sonic cokes to get through. The honeymoon phase was officially over, and I am reminding myself that all things take time, and now is the time to remain consistent with routines and procedures. Despite the whirlwind, lots of learning took place this week! 

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This week we have started introducing the writing process, so on Monday we talked about planning before we write. I used Cara Carroll of the First Grade Parade's idea of introducing a heart map! Our heart maps are glued into the front of our writing journals so that whenever we are trying to plan what we want to write about, we can look at all the things we care about and decide. The kids loved creating these! 

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We started Daily 5 rotations this week using my Daily 5 set up pack that is listed as a freebie in my store here. Those first two days I was a little concerned. The kids acted like they had never seen or heard of centers before and I was reconsidering it all together! But by the end of the week they were at their stations and working within about 2 minutes. I know the transitions will get even smoother as we continue, and I love that the kids are grouped by ability levels. We have been using Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants' Yearly Journals pack in our Work on Writing center and this week we used my Silent e Sort pack for Word Work. We also used Amy Lemons' Back to School ABC order activity to reinforce that skill. 

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This week in math we were working on Part Part Whole and finding the missing part. I loved these activity sheets called "What does the box say?" which you can find here. The kids loved writing on our dry erase table mats! In reading, we were studying Author's purpose so I used Tiffany Gannon's Author's Purpose Activity Pack and showed the kids the anchor charts "giant style" on our smart board. 

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Before our minute math test this week, I split the kids up in pairs and let them play a little fact fluency spin to practice our plus 2's. The kids loved it, and I gave a small reward for the partner who reached the top first. Which leads me to number 5....

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My fact fluency pack is up on TPT! Click here to check out this 46 page pack that contains fluency spin activity sheets for addition and subtraction facts 1-9, cards and directions for Addition Bang and Subtraction Bang, also covering facts 1-9. Your kids will LOVE reviewing their facts with these games and they encourage healthy competition in the classroom. My kids couldn't wait to reach the top and be the winner of Fact Fluency spin!

If you would like to win this pack for free, become a follower of the blog, post a picture of the unit to Instagram, and tag myself and two friends. A winner will be chosen at 10 PM tonight.
Thanks for reading and come back again soon!

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  1. I LOVE heart maps! Do you have Denise Leongrandis's "Launching Writers Workshop" ? I attended a 2 weeks Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop seminar 8 years ago and it was amazing!

    A LoveLi Class