Sunday, September 7, 2014

Daily 5 Set up and Organization: FREEBIE

Hey there! I went up to the school today to get my Daily 5 rotations set up and ready for this week. I wasn't 100% my kids would be ready to start this week, but I decided that we are all ready for the structure and routine. For those of you wondering, I would not normally spend my Sunday at the school. But since it is a new grade level and so much has changed for our district as far as standards, curriculum, and expectations, I have had to put in some LONG hours. 

I posted a photo of my Daily 5 folders and got some questions about set up and use so I thought I would post and let you know how I plan to implement it this year.

Our district runs on a 30-30-30 model for ELA so we get 30 minutes whole group reading instruction, 30 minutes small group instruction, and 30 minutes writing instruction.Daily 5 will take place during my 30 minutes of small group time. Each student will have a folder and they will go to two rotations a day. My groups are based on ability and reading levels so there are about 5 kids in each group and 4 in my lowest group to make sure I can meet their needs during their small group time. Every day students will get their Daily 5 folder and go to the stations listed on the charts that I created. These charts will help students know where to go each day, and will also serve as accountability to make sure everyone gets to every station. My lowest group comes to my table every day, my two mid-level groups come to me twice a week, and my highest group (GT students) come once a week. I don't feel bad about that group only coming to me once a week during Daily 5 because I see them every day during Intervention time to specifically work on GT activities.

I have the I can cards that I created posted at the stations where the students can find what they need for that rotation. The I can cards list the expectations for that rotation and what needs to be done. The students will only have 15 minutes so I do not fill these stations with tons of activities. 

 For listening center, I will have some students on the computer listening to reading and some students on a laptop listening to a Scholastic read aloud on CD. I am also using reading response sheets after they listen to the book to build our comprehension and critical thinking skills. For spelling/ Word Work I will keep two activities in the station because most students will visit that center twice a week. This week I am using my Silent E Sorts flap book and Amy Lemons colorful ABC order activity to practice our skills for the week.When students finish these activities they will put it in their center folder. If they do not finish their will be extra time on Friday to finish.

For Work on Writing I decided to use Rachelle Smith's Journal's through the year. I went back and forth on what to put in this center, but bottom line I wanted my students to practice paragraph writing and illustrating their writing, so I put together a journal for each student and story prompt sticks can be found in the white drawer above their journals. Students will pull a story prompt from the drawer and take their journal to their seat to complete their writing. These journals will be changed out monthly. For Read to Someone I will have the students read our story of the week from our basal readers. Students will pick a partner from their group to read the story too, and this will just provide another chance for students to hear our story of the week. Read to self is posted in the library where students will chose a "just right" book to read to self. 

When students come to teacher table rotation, we will be doing a short word work activity, reading from leveled readers, and then working on comprehension and CAFE strategies. I put together an organizational pack for setting up the Daily 5 that includes Anchor charts for introducing the stations, folder charts in color and black and white, rotation schedule, and I can cards to post in stations. Because you are not allowed to sell any Daily 5 items on TPT, this is listed for FREE. Check it out here and please leave feedback! 

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