Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently Link Up

Happy Labor Day! Teachers everywhere are watching the View, drinking their coffee, and wishing this long weekend would last forever. I know I am! It has been awesome to relax and rest up after that first week of madness (even though I may or may not have stayed up till 2 with the hubs last night watching Netflix).

I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for her currently link up! Click the link to join the link up and see the rest of the currently posts! 

I am currently listening to the View on television and kids playing at the pool outside! We have an AMAZING pool at our apartment and I think I might just join those kids out there today. 

I am currently loving marriage. No really... I love it. Even on the hard days. He is my best friend and even when he drives me crazy he turns around 5 minutes later and makes me belly laugh. I can't even think about having kids any time soon because I love our life with just the two of us :)

I am currently thinking about lesson plans! I am in a new grade level this year and my team plans together as a team which is awesome because we share all the responsibility. I keep running over and over the plans for this next week to make sure I'm not missing anything! 

I am currently wanting to go shopping! There are all kinds of amazing sales for Labor Day and it is taking everything inside me to not go out and go crazy today! My black work pants have holes in the back....holes and I am desperately wanting new work clothes. I am a recovering shopaholic in case you couldn't tell. 

I am currently needing to cut the pile of lamination and grade the math assessments sitting at my feet. It has been there all weekend and I'm sure I will get to it at some point (like 10:30 tonight when I don't have anything else to do). 

The three trips I would currently love to take are Vegas for the TPT conference, a tour of Europe, and New York because I have never been. My hubby is making that last one come true in October!! He is going for work and I get to tag along! Not to mention we will be going to the Hillsong conference in Madison Square Garden. Yes I know...AMAZING.

Now for what I have been working on... 

I love this unit! This week we will be working on final silent e in second grade, so I wanted to make some activities the students could do in their word work center, at my teacher table, and independently. This pack has sorts, a scoot game, a flap book, and a writing activity. The cards come in color and black and white to help save ink and I will post pictures of this pack in action later this week! You can see it in my TPT store here. You can also check out my instagram @mrshudgenshearsawho to find out how to win this unit!


I am off for lunch with the mister and a little grocery shopping before the week gets started. Enjoy your labor day and thanks for reading! 



  1. When did you get married? That is so sweet :) I'm finally coming around to loving marriage myself after 5 months ;)

    1. We got married in June so it has been 3 months! Our only secret is to keep God first and everything else falls into place! We truly are best friends :)

  2. I love what you said about having kids!! We feel the same way. :) I'm sure a little O'Connor would bring more joy, but right now we are enjoying just the two of us! :)

  3. That's awesome that your new grade level plans together. It must make life a little more easier for you. I'm starting a new position this year too, but I switched tenure areas instead of just grade levels :) Reading teacher, here I come! Good luck in second grade and enjoy the conference in NYC! Sounds amazing.
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

    1. I would LOVE to take a Reading teacher position! Keep me posted on how it goes :)

  4. I feel you on the shopping itch! Went out with some teacher friends today and bought two dresses, a set of play-doh, some maple syrup, and colorful paper. Don't think it could have been more random but at least it was successful!

    Paiges of Learning