Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week One Recap

What a week y'all! I made it through week one of second grade and let me just say I couldn't be happier. I LOVE my kids....let me say it again. I LOVE my kids! I was a little nervous when I got my roster with the combination of all the different ability levels and such, but man they blew me out of the water this week. Now this could be because I am used to wiping tears, tying shoes, and putting out fires all day in Kindergarten, but I like to think that I just have a really great class and they really surpassed my expectations this week.  

This first week was all about routines and procedures, getting to know each other as a class, and getting ourselves organized and back in the groove of things. I loved being able to do partner activities and cute craftivities and just walking around the room to monitor! I wasn't loosing my mind over someone cutting holes in their shirt or sticking a glue stick up their nose (yes these things really happen in Kindergarten...daily). I would hand things out and they would READ the directions TO THEMSELVES and start working. Did I say how much I love second grade yet? Ok enough of that. 

I am going to link up with Five for Friday a day late again because I have so much to fill you in on! Click the picture below to see all the other Five for Friday posts.


This first week we did A LOT of routines, procedures, and practice. It took me pretty much all week to adjust to the new schedule because we are in our rooms for five hours before we move anywhere! I knew it would be hard on the kids, but didn't realize it would be so hard for me to adjust. The kids start asking around 9:00 how long we have until recess and I watch their little hearts break when I say, "We only have three and a half hours left!".  On the positive side, once we hit 12:20 we have recess, lunch, and enrichment and the day is just about over. Here are some things we have been working on during those first five hours of the day! 

I love Amy Lemon's Let's Get Started unit! We started the week with talking about mathematicians and made an anchor chart of things they do and think. Then the kids made their own mathematicians and they turned out so stinkin cute. 

We also talked about math manipulatives being used as tools or toys and the kids did a little exploration with our math manipulatives. You would have thought it was Christmas that morning! 

We did some really fun getting to know each other activities such as students walking around the room getting signatures from other students for questions like "Have you ever been on an airplane?" or "Do you wear glasses?". The kids loved this one but they loved our All About Me bags even more. The students brought five items to share with the class that told about themselves and I loved seeing what each student brought to represent themselves (like a Spongebob crusty crab hat). 

We did this fun Roll and Respond sheet where students worked with partners and rolled the dice to see which question to ask their partner. This was a great activity to see how the students worked in partners and who was able to work together and who was not. 

We read some great first week books like The Name Jar, No David, Never Ride Your Elephant to School, and Bucket Fillers. I loved hearing the kids say "That is not being a bucket filler" to their friends throughout the day. We also did this word building activity from Ashley Schroeder's 2nd Grade Math and ELA workout. That is an awesome unit so if you haven't checked it out you should! 

Whew that was a lot! Now for number two. 


I got my coupon binder and desk fairy coupons up and running in the classroom this week and it is so fun to see my own products being put to use in my classroom! I know to the veterans that sounds crazy, but for me to see a need, create the product, and then put it to use in my own classroom just warms my heart! 

We talked about how to keep our desks neat and tidy and I told the students about the Desk Fairy who only visits clean desks and she leaves glitter and a homework pass behind! The kids would look for glitter every day and were blown away when she finally showed up on Friday.

I LOVE the way my coupon binder turned out! When the kids get five or ten punches on their punch card they get to pick from the coupon binder and these things are like gold already. I was going to make individual coupons to pass out, but my team member showed me her idea of just putting full sheets in a binder and keeping a log of student choices. So much easier than making tiny little coupons and keeping track of them! Both of these items can be found in my TPT store here. Which leads me to number three....


This weekend I became an official Teachers Pay Teachers seller and I am just over the moon about it! I know it will take time and dedication to build up my store and gain followers, but I could not be happier to share my products with other educators. I have been so blessed by the hundreds of products that I have purchased on TPT and I only hope I can bless other teachers by creating quality products for the classroom. Head over  and leave me some love and download the two freebies that are posted now! I will be posting more products as the week goes on. 


I got an e-mail Friday morning from Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs about building my blog design and I am currently sitting at McAlisters listening to some great music pouring over all the options for design! I seriously cannot wait to e-mail her back and see what she comes up with so be on the lookout for a beautiful new blog design!!

And for number five I would just like to leave you with a note of positivity. I started my Masters this week and my professor started class with this quote. I heard this quote probably four times this last week so I think it might be important :) 

"Your students don't care how much you know until you let them know how much you care."

It has been a whirlwind of a week with a new grade level, back to school, joining TPT, new blog design, starting my Masters, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks for reading!


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