Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Catch Up and a Freebie

Whoa! That is all I can say....  I blinked and the week was over and school is starting tomorrow! We had a week full of meetings and development and had a very limited time in our classrooms. We got our class rosters about an hour before Meet the Teacher started and we all scrambled trying to get things put in place and ready for our new students to walk through the door. I met most of my students and their parents, and I can already tell it is going to be a fun year! Now for some catch up. 

 I am going to catch up on the Blog Hoppin link up since Thursday and Friday I spent 12 hour days in the classroom getting ready for next week! 

Thursday was the when post, and I previously posted my rough draft of a schedule. We met as a team this week and decided on a schedule for all seven of us! Yes that is a lot of people to coordinate schedules with, but our co-teach kids are all spread out over several rooms so it is in the best interest of the kids being pulled for us to all be doing the same thing at the same time. So here is what we came up with!

I know I know....that is a LONG morning! We do all of our core content in the morning and then when the kids get back from enrichment the time flies by before we go home for the day. 

Now for Friday catch up! 

Friday was about what we love to teach! I think what I love to teach is writing. I just love that writing is something you can see and you can see so much progress throughout the year. I also love that in writing everyone has a voice and everyone can excel. Reading student writing samples also gives you a sneak peek into their little minds and helps you understand how they think. I just love teaching writing!

And on that about a freebie? Follow the blog and leave a comment with your e-mail and I will send you my writing process posters FREE. Below is a picture of the posters and what they look like hung on my writing wall.

Now for some pictures from meet the teacher! 

 I really did have BIG plans for meet the teacher, but I was lacking on execution that day so this is what I got. I made a little folder welcoming the students and their parents and inside I had a checklist, a letter about me, and a student info sheet for them to fill out. I also left the jitter glitter poem on their desks with  glitter to sprinkle under their pillows before the first day of school to help with first day jitters. At the end of the poem I told the kids to look for glitter in my hair because teachers get jitters too! This was not my idea, I found it somewhere else and just made my own.

 And then around 8:45 when all the students were gone and all the supplies were left to be sorted, I snapped a picture of the after. I really love the way my classroom turned out and now that I see student supplies in desks and folders ready to be filled, I am starting to get those first day jitters!

I can't wait to see the learning that takes place in this room this year! Now I'll leave you with a video I plan to show my students on the first day of school. Tomorrow is the first day so say a little prayer for me, and if I can feel my feet when I get home tomorrow night I will post on how our first day goes! Thanks for reading.


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