Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Work

Hey there! I have been hard at work these last few days in my classroom trying to get it ready for all my new students. It's funny because some of them are not so new since I had them in Kindergarten two years ago :) I get lucky to have some of them twice! I CANNOT WAIT to show you what I have been working on in the classroom. I'm pretty sure my husband cannot wait either because of all the money spent on supplies! He has been so gracious and understanding with all the long nights, target runs, and lack of supper's cooked. As a teacher it is so important to find balance, don't get me wrong, but these few weeks leading up to school and meet the teacher night there is no balance... am i right!?

Well last night I had a sweet friend text me all the way from Alabama and a blog post was born. She teaches Kindergarten and was looking for some ideas for Morning Work and we talked about some of the different things we have both tried and what worked or didn't work. I am not teaching Kindergarten anymore, and this year we have a problem solving mat that our Second graders will be doing every morning for morning work, but I wanted to share some ideas for Morning Work for some of you that might be struggling with the same thought. 

I remember that awful feeling of scrounging for extra work to give the kids the next morning, or feeling like I was just giving them something to keep them busy while I took attendance and checked folders. I have heard it said that the first 30 minutes of your day sets the tone for the rest of the day so that means morning work is pretty darn important! Here are a few things I have found...

Reagan Tunstall's Rise and Shine binder is incredible! If you can get past the initial set up and buying of the binders and materials, then this will be a huge time saver and routine starter in your classroom. This binder includes daily pages for place value, number sense, sight words, writing, months of the year and days of the week. The students come in and get started right away and once you set the routine in place and do lot's of modeling, this is something that is student led. Isn't that our goal? To get the students learning independently!  It is independent, can be modified for Kinder through second grade, and hits lots of standards all in one place. Click on the picture to check out Reagan's post about the binders in her classroom.

Another awesome TPT purchase for morning work is Deanna Jump's Chit Chat packs. She has three packs that focus on letter identification, phonemic awareness, rhyming, blending, digraphs, and more! I used these when I was in Kinder and phonemic awareness is a great way to start the day! Click on the picture to check it out in her TPT store. 

The last idea I have for morning work, is one that could be used in first or second grade, depending on the level of your kids. Anna Brantley has a pack listed with higher order thinking skills that would be great for responding to reading. Whether it's the story of the week, the student's library book, or just a picture book from their book box, having students read and then respond to reading with a response sheet is a great way to start the day and requires minimal preparation on the teacher's part! Click the picture to check it out in her TPT store! 

Now for a little peek at what I have been working on all week! 


I can't wait to post before and after pictures! This room was a hot mess so I have been working over time trying to whip it into shape. I also want to get it finished so I can work on planning because we only get two days before school starts to work in classrooms. The rest of the days will be filled with professional development and meetings. It is getting so close and I can't wait so stay tuned for the big classroom reveal! 

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  1. Quick question... How did you set up the Rise and Shine Binder place value section? I can't seem to find anything on how to do it.
    Thanks so much!