Friday, August 1, 2014

First five for friday and a freebie giveaway!


Hey there! I am linking up with this week's Five for Friday linky party with Doodle Bugs Teaching! This is my first ever linky party so I really have no clue what I am doing so bear with me :) I do know (thanks to some blog posts from others) that you can click the Five for Friday button above to link up and join the fun! 


First I wanted to show you the adorable binder cover and lesson planners that I have been working on for a sweet friend of mine! Since I have not yet ventured into the Teachers Pay Teachers world, I enjoy making things for friends right now. This sweet friend will be homeschooling her two girls next year and wanted binder covers and a simple way to organize their weekly lessons. What teacher doesn't love helping others get organized!!? As teachers I am convinced that organizing is our second calling. 

I loved the way those sweet covers came out, and the planner is very flexible with space to fill in different subjects based on the needs of each child. Thinking of posting some editable binder covers as I start my TPT venture? What do you think?


Second, I have to share a mind blowing blog post with you that I found this week! It is from the weekend warriors post at Sailing Into Second. Click the link to take you to her blog or click the picture below to see the post! It is life really LIFE CHANGING! 

In the post she gives you the download for a desktop background that you can edit and make your own and I am just obsessed. Here is my newly organized desktop! 

Is that not cute or what!! Head on over to Sailing Into Second to get your own! 


Thirdly, my mind has started to somewhat wrap around the idea that Back to School is almost here....not really but I am REALLY trying! I see all these fellow bloggers in their classrooms and I am over here still binge watching Netflix! Time to get busy... Ashley Schroeder over at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd has a produce that is great for starting to get organized and thinking about planning for back to school! 

 You have to go check out this product! Check it out in her TPT store here.


Number 4.... No one told me these blog posts would take so long!! An hour later and I am still not finished. Does it get any easier? The hubby and I are preparing to go out of town this weekend for my mom's wedding, and I am so excited! We love a good road trip. Three hours of quality time and good conversation (and maybe some back to school prep if I am feeling productive). 

Seriously love him! And finally number 5! 


Here is a little something I created last week that I am just in love with!!! 

I made some desk fairy coupons to motivate my students to keep a clean work area! I have never worked with desks since I have been in Kindergarten for two years, so this desk thing is new! I will keep you posted on the effectiveness of these little guys.

And because I have no followers yet, I will give these cute little coupons away to the first person to comment and follow my blog! 

Have a wonderful weekend and come back soon! 

Mrs. Hudgens



  1. So cute! I want to try these:)

    1. Julie they are headed your way! Thanks for the follow!