Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Days of School

I am sitting here in our big comfy chair still in my work clothes at 8:55 PM. The dishes from dinner are still out, and the leftover food is still sitting because I can't find the energy to get up and put it away. Anyone else think your feet hurt worse on Tuesday than on Monday? Wow the exhaustion hits hard the second day! 

I thought I would get on quickly and tell you what we have been up to these first two days of school! Have you ever read Harry Wong's first days of school? It was one of my textbooks in college (that I didn't read...ahem) and it stresses the importance of rules and procedures those first few days. Well these last few days we have been drilling them! I have been using Mrs. Russell's Room's Classroom Management questions freebie to help guide me and remind of the rules and procedures that I want to teach. 

This is an AMAZING resource and has really kept me on track these last few days. Some of it seems silly and repetitive but I would rather repeat myself now than all year long...am I right? 

We have been working on Amy Lemons' Let's get started pack and we talked about being Mathematicians this year and the Math that we already know, and Math that we want to learn. I love these cute little Mathematicians, and after watching Kid President my kids keep saying "Never give up!" which of course warms my heart. We have been reading some great books and had some great discussions. After reading David goes to school we talked about what it looks like to follow the rules vs. not follow the rules, and How Full is Your Bucket was an awesome book to talk about caring for each other. After reading the Name Jar we did a fun little getting to know you activity with each others signatures. 

I am wiped out and have to get some sleep before I start again tomorrow! I also have that headache right between the eyes that is screaming for a Sonic coke tomorrow morning. I am starting my first Masters course tomorrow evening and I may or may not have an entire chapter to read before then....yes I know. I hope you are having an awesome first week of school and let's keep up the positivity! 

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Keep it up, you'll get there!! I remember starting my Master's while I was working and I thought 'What the heck have I let myself in for?!' - but when I completed it was the biggest sense of achievement ever!

    The dishes can wait! I don't know how you even have the energy to blog, my blog goes AWOL when I'm teaching haha!

    Miss Lynch's Class