Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School...womp womp womp

Hey there! I am here today with some Back to School ideas and some things I have been working on! 

This weekend we went to watch my mom marry the man of her dreams and it was such a beautiful, intimate wedding. Am I the only one who just loves to see people in love? Me and the Mister had such a great time sitting in traffic, shopping with family (tax free weekend in Louisiana....whoo!), and eating some southern comfort food. 


No one told me marriage would be so much fun!! After we got home we got in a good workout (happy wife happy life...... and the only way to a happy wife is to stay IN SHAPE!)

Sorry I had to post a selfie of the adorable workout attire my hubby bought for me! Nothing motivates me like new clothes!

 ...and finally I sat down at my computer to get some things done! 

I have been compiling some Back to School ideas on Pinterest and thought I would share that board for those of you who have not returned yet like myself. The days are slowly counting down.... (or rather quickly now that I think about it)

No kidding!

You can click here to check out my back to school Pinterest board with some great ideas for meet the teacher, first day of school, and classroom set up ideas! 


Also check out my other education boards while you are there! I have My Classroom board, a Second Grade board, a Kinder board, a Classroom Management board, and an Anchor Charts board. They are not NEAR as organized as they should be, but they have some amazing ideas compiled into a few boards so take a look!

I have also been trying to get organized with some things before I actually go back to work so that it doesn't all slap me in the face the day before meet the teacher. I remember last year having my classroom totally cute and not having a single lesson plan written! Not this year folks...Not this year. 

Here is a sneak peak of a Meet the Teacher pack I am working on. 

I kind of love how it is turning out so far! What are some things you like to have for meet the teacher? I like to have a handout about myself, sign in sheets, transportation for the first day of school, student info packets to take home and bring back, labels for where they should put their supplies....the list goes on and on! I am trying to make some cute printer friendly handouts and labels for that night so that when I am at work and near the printer I can just print them off on some brightly colored paper and be done with it! What do you think!?

And lastly, if you live under a rock and have not heard about the huge Teachers Pay Teachers sale then I am going to help you out and let you know that starting tomorrow is the BIG EVENT! Up to 28% off everything people....EVERYTHING!! Go put some items in your cart and start selling things on e-bay to afford the massive Back to School overhaul that is about to happen. 

Teachers Pay Teachers Back To School Sale! Up to 28% off

That cute button is made by Krista Wallden of Creative Clips. Some things on my wishlist are....

Ashley Schroeder's math and ELA back to school workout bundle! Being new to second grade I feel like this would be a great item to purchase for first week plans! 

Amy Lemons' Let's Get Started pack for beginning math activities! I love the expectations and discussions that will go along with this pack.
 And there are so many more things I would love to have, but it would take me all night to share them all! Click the pictures above and head over to TPT to check out the BIG SALE! 

Until next time.....

Mrs. Hudgens

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