Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All about me

I did it... I actually did it! I have been contemplating joining this crazy teacher blogger world for quite some time now and I actually attempted it my first year while teaching Kindergarten (who was I kidding).  Let's be can't do anything other than teach your first year of teaching. I don't think I even had time for proper hygiene that first year. Anyways....

After much contemplation and seeing all these incredible teacher bloggers go on and on about how this blogging/TPT world has changed their life, I just had to join in on the fun. So for this first post I will just tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a southern girl born and raised in Louisiana. I was raised with church on Sunday's, large family meals, and coffee on the front porch swing. I think I came out of the womb knowing I would teach and that is all I have ever wanted to do with my life.

I just got married a month ago and let me just tell you....marriage is so much better than I ever imagined!
I met my sweet tender hearted husband in pre-school and it was love at first sight. No really... He claimed me on the playground and the rest is history. There is a little bit in between but I will spare you the gushy details. We had a June wedding near the beaches of Florida and the entire place was drenched it tears. It was my dream day and I would relive it a thousand times if I could!

I made my parents proud (and put them in a little bit of debt) and graduated from Dallas Baptist University. I truly believed I received the best education in the state of Texas! I loved it so much that I am going back this fall for my Masters in Educational Leadership....scary I know.

I was hired mid-year right out of school and inherited one of those classes that you talk about for years to come. I have so many stories and cried so much that first year that I thought I might have made a HUGE mistake with my life! Then the second year came and went and I realized it's not all that bad and not every class will be THAT class. Now I am on the brink of my third year and I think I am more excited than ever to start. Second grade is a whole new challenge and one that I am told I will love. I am slightly obsessed with all things Seuss, hence the name of this blog. And Lord knows as teachers we are hearing little who's all day I right?!  I am excited to use this blog as a place to document my successes and my failures and hopefully inspire someone in the process.

Well, that's a little bit about me, and hopefully I didn't bore you to tears! Thanks for taking time to learn a little bit about the writer behind Mrs. Hudgens Hears a Who.